Our technological platform

Our products and solutions are created upon a common technological platform of our own development



Our products are classified in modules, add-ons and services

Controlled identification of products and patients

Control of the production life cycle

Reliable administration to patients

Individual cold chain control

Inventory localization and update

Logistics’ safeguarded control

On the move control

Readiness checking

Preparation and fulfilment of quality audits


Protections against product manipulation

Smart messaging

Advanced reports and control panels


Design, development and assessment

Launch, maintenance and training


Our solutions integrate diverse products of our portfolio and are specifically adapted for each application area

Our solution for controlling blood components meant for transfusion or the production of plasma derivatives

  • Controlled identification of blood components and patients
  • Complete control of the production life cycle of blood components
  • Safe transfusion to patients
  • Inventory localization and update
  • Logistics’ safeguarded control of units’ movement
  • Preparation and fulfilment of quality audits
  • Patient safety
  • Comfort and calmness for users
  • Operational cost optimization
  • More effective haemovigilance
  • Hospital blood banks and blood establishments
  • Complete donor-to-patient life cycle
  • Control devices very easy to use
  • Smart labels to be stuck to blood bags
  • Patient bracelets
  • Application with user friendly interfaces

Our solution for cold chain control of each blood component before it is transfused or stored

  • Traces temperature of each blood component
  • Check if it has stayed within the predefined thresholds


  • Safer transfusion of each blood component
  • Greater reuse of returned units
  • Improved transfusion practice -real time control, traceability, statistical reports, archived temperature logs-
  • Operational cost improvement –errors, discarded and expired units, etc.-
  • Ease of quality audits


  • Blood establishments
  • Hospital blood banks

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Blood establishments:

  • Control of blood donations from the collection points
  • Control of blood shipments to hospitals
  • Control of blood internal movements within blood establishments

Hospital blood banks:

  • Bedside check before transfusion
  • Check of blood units returned to the blood bank


Temperature register card

Read-write desktop pad

Desktop application

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